Welcome to SaCEEFi. Our name in full is Sankofa Ahotew Children’s Education Environment Foundation International . Ahotew means cleanliness in the Ghanaian Twi language.

We are a Ghanaian, Spanish and UK based movement of people working together to defeat poverty and enable access to education for all children in Ghana. SaCEEFi caters for the overall wellbeing of Ghana’s children. We are strong advocates for disenfranchised children globally.


  • A Ghana without illiterate and poor children
  • A Ghana without injustice
  • A culturally proud and self-respecting Ghana


  • To work with the government and local communities to eradicate poverty by attacking its root causes in Ghana.


  • Poor communities will be responsible for their own destiny through self-help and hugely reduced dependency on hand outs.
  • All Ghana’s children will have access to education from primary school through to university, or appropriate higher education.
  • To have the government of Ghana’s full endorsement and assistance in our efforts to create a better future for Ghana’s children.


At SaCEEFi we have a natural respect for any society globally which is fair and just. Ghana is a modern democracy which makes our goals much more achievable. Our values are borne out of mutual respect and understanding of Ghanaian local cultural beliefs and traditions, and include the following:

  • Honesty and transparency in all our dealings
  • Accountability for the results or effectiveness of all our actions
  • Non-affiliation to religion or politics
  • Equality in opportunity despite gender, health status, social class, or tribal affiliation.
  • Acknowledging the historical and extremely important work of other NGOs in the country.

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